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Comprehensive guide to gaining body fitness

Fitness, in general, is health and well-being, and the ability to occupy and daily activities and sports,

Fitness is usually achieved through Good nutrition, moderate and strong physical exercises, and adequate rest.

Whether you are one of the people who aim to increase muscle or lose fat

This comprehensive guide is divided into 5 sections

  1. #Calories

  2. #Fitness

  3. #Weight loss

  4. #body building

  5. #The best tools for calculating calories

It will make you an expert in body fitness and you will gain health and well-being and more ability for professions and daily and sports activities

#1 section calories

Let’s start now with Calories because it is the official base that focuses on the field of fitness, weight loss and body building
if ,Calories are the unit of nutritional energy. It refers to the energy that body acquire from the food and drink consumed, used for physical activity, and the basic functions of the body, such as: breathing, thinking, walking, speaking, and eating, and is also known as the amount of energy.

Calories are divided into tow

healthy calories like bananas, apples and anything natural

& unhealthy calories such as chocolate and sugars

What an adult needs from daily calories

About 2500 calories for a man
While the female is about 2000
This may of course change depending on several factors such as age, weight, height and healthy history, as well as daily physical activity and many other factors.

If you aspire to gain weight, this means that you must increase your consumption of calories to more than your daily need and choose a healthy food that helps in the growth of Muscle and the acquisition of a stimulating body.

If you aspire to lose weight, this means the need to reduce calories to what is appropriate while increasing the daily physical effort to spend the energy gained as a result of these calories.
Choosing a healthy food will help in the growth of Muscle and the loss of fat, and the acquisition of an exciting body


And when you eat more than necessary amount of it is stored as fat in the body.

#2 section fitness

Definition of fitness

Fitness, in general, is health and well-being, and the ability to occupy and daily activities and sports

fitness: is the level of the physical condition on which an athlete depends on the fitness components of his sport that are measured by measuring devices and scientific tests and compared to the optimum level or is the individual’s ability and physical efficiency to perform his role in life without stress or fatigue

Fitness is divided into two parts:

General fitness (health and well-being)
Special fitness (defined based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or any other function).
Fitness is usually achieved through proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest.

Fitness has been known in previous years to be able to carry out daily activities without excessive fatigue. However, changes in lifestyles following industrial revolutions and increased leisure times, make this definition insufficient. These days, physical fitness is a measure of the body’s ability to work efficiently and effectively in work activities and leisure times, to be healthy, resistant to ADHD, and to face emergency situations. The essential elements of fitness are: flexibility, elongation, speed, muscle strength, agility, muscle ability, balance, accuracy, muscle endurance, periodic respiratory endurance, and finally compatibility.

Its importance

Its significance is social, health, psychological and mental development.


#3 section Weight loss

How can I lose weight and lose weight?

How to lose weight? It is one of the most pressing health questions for many people. People gain weight by eating more calories than they burn. However, another factors play a task in weight gain, like genetic factors, metabolism, hormones, the sort of food you eat, your somatotype , and your lifestyle.

So in this article we will talk about the causes of weight loss, the most effective methods and medical interventions to achieve this.

Why lose weight?

There are many reasons for losing weight, including:

Appearance: People may feel that if they lose their extra weight, they’re going to look more attractive, and healthier.

Confidence and physical image: People who are overweight or obese may feel uncomfortable with their outlook.

Public health: Maintaining an ideal weight can help promote overall health and prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Feeling certain conditions: symptoms of sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes, for example, may improve or disappear when a person loses extra pounds.
Fitness: A weight loss program that includes exercise can make a person feel more fit, with more energy and endurance.

Sports competitions: In some sports, such as boxing, the individual may seek to control his weight so that he can stay in the current weight category to exercise his favorite sport.

Fertility: Fertility treatment in obese women and PCOS appears to be more effective if they lose some weight before treatment.

calories Weight loss

#3 section bodybuilding

Best tips for developing muscle mass in bodybuilding

Getting started from easy to difficult

It should be noted that once you start practicing bodybuilding exercises with the aim of increasing the size of muscles, you must participate in preparing for the major goal that you aspire for at least a month, meaning that in the first month of training, you have to practice relatively easy exercises, and make sure that each exercise you By performing it using all kinds of equipment, you can repeat it several times, about 20 times.

This means that the weight does not get too heavy for you, and so the first month is used to stabilize the muscle and prepare it to carry heavier weights at a later time. Care must be taken to perform stretching and relaxation exercises during training, and after about a month it will be possible to start carrying heavier weights

Advanced stage

After you have gone through the initial exercise period that included groups that were repeated 20 times for at least one month of training, you can gain weight and reach the state in which each group repeats 12-15 times, when the pressure is noticeable in the final exercises and the effort is great.

When you work on relatively heavy weights and repeat them less often, you can start with bodybuilding and building muscle. And in more advanced stages you can even reach 8-10 times repetition, as heavy weights are the ideal exercises to increase muscle size. The recommended number of groups for each exercise is 3.


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